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The ROI of Email Marketing is a WHOPPING 4300%

Reach customers in the one place they are every day: their Email Inbox!

Email Marketing is the #1 way we help clients GROW their business and earn MORE REVENUE.

A message is 5 times more likely to be seen and read in an email than via Facebook.


Why focus on Email Marketing for your business?

Email marketing is by far the most cost-effective form of marketing that your business can do.

However, the problem for most business owners is that email can get complicated quickly.

Additionally, unlike Facebook, Instagram or other ‘rented properties’, your email marketing success is a tangible asset that you own, now and forever. You have 100% control over the message and medium, including the timing of when and how often you contact your customers, patients, fans, and potential buyers.



Email marketing produces 2 times more conversions than any other marketing channel - including social media and search. Email is 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than social media such as like Facebook and Twitter. 

Approximately 81% of online shoppers who receive follow up emails are more likely to make a purchase.

72% of people prefer receiving promotional content via email instead of social media.

Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content compared to other sources.

A message is 5 times more likely to be seen and read in an email than via Facebook.

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Email Marketing Statistics

Here’s a summary of the email marketing statistics for 2020: 

  1. The number of active email users is forecasted to reach 4.3 billion in 2023.  

  2. 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day. 

  3. Average expected ROI is $42 for every $1 you spend on email marketing. 

  4. 81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention. 

  5. The average open rate for a welcome email is 82%.

  6. Emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates. 

  7. Sending 3 abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than a single email.  

  8. Videos added to your email increase click rates by 300%. 

  9. 49% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands. 

  10. 49% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. 

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